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Fyzikální ústav AVČR

The Institute of Physics of the Czech Academy of Sciences (Fyzikální ústav AVČR; FZU) is a research institute with a tradition reaching back to 1950s. It is the largest academic center devoted to the scientific research in the Czech Republic, with staff of around 700 researchers. FZU has a long and successful history in obtaining and managing scientific projects, both national and international, including EU-funded projects. FZU is constantly ranking among the best research institutions in the Czech Republic, producing yearly over 700 scientific publications. FZU will participate in the ITN project through the Department of Structure Analysis, Division of Solid State Physics, and in particular through the Laboratory of Electron Crystallography (LEC), which is part of the Department of Structure Analysis. LEC was established in 2009 and has soon become one of the leading laboratories in the development of electron crystallography and in particular in 3D ED methods.

Key Research Facilities

The Laboratory of Electron Crystallography is equipped with the transmission electron microscope Tecnai G2 20, precession electron diffraction unit Digistar (Nanomegas), a 2kx2k CCD camera and a hybrid pixel detector for noise-free imaging with single-electron sensitivity. The microscope is equipped with a single tilt holder, a heating double tilt sample holder and cryo-holder with the cryo-transfer option and cryo-plunging device VitroBot. An EDS detector Apollo XLTW2 is available for chemical analysis of samples. Further equipment available at the Depatment of Structure Analysis and available for the project includes two powder x-ray diffractometers (Empyrean (Panalytical)t and SmartLab (Rigaku)) and a two single crystal diffractometers (Gemini and Supernova, both Rigaku – Oxford Diffraction).


  • Dr. Lukas Palatinus
  • Laboratory of Electron Crystallography
  • Department of Structure Analysis
  • Institute of Physics of the CAS
  • Na Slovance 2
    182 21 Prague 8

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