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Stockholm University

Stockholm University (SU) has 33,000 students, 1,600 doctoral students, and 5,500 members of staff active in the scientific areas of human science and science. The Stockholm University is participating to the project through the Department of Materials- and Environmental Chemistry (MMK) which is one of the largest departments at the Faculty of Sciences with about 150 employees. The research group of Prof. Zou at MMK, SU is internationally leading in structural characterisation of novel materials by electron crystallography. The group has developed several advanced electron crystallographic techniques, namely rotation electron diffraction (RED) method, serial electron diffraction (SerialED), serial rotation electron diffraction (SerialED), crystallographic image processing software, structure projection reconstruction method and software (QFocus), 3D reconstruction from HRTEM image. The group has solved more than 200 structures of a wide range of new materials using 3D electron diffraction, including intermetallic compounds, zeolites and metal-organic frameworks, organic molecules and proteins. The group has been working on developing new electron crystallography methods and software for structure determination, which are used in more than 160 laboratories worldwide.

Key Research Facilities

The Electron Microscopy Centre (EMC) at SU has excellent TEM facilities (three TEMs) equipped with necessary devices for time-resolved and cryo-EM studies, including a hybrid electron detector dedicated for ED, and a VitrobotTM for cryo-EM sample preparation. A new state-of-the-art TEM, Titan Themis Z equipped with both image and probe correctors, monochromator and Gatan One-View in situ detectors for time resolved experiments was installed in November 2018. We also have access to the national cryo-EM facility at SciLifeLab (two Titan Krios, one Talos). Zou’s group has developed several software for automated high throughput electron diffraction data collection and processing.


  • Xiaodong Zou, Prof.
  • Deputy Head of Department of Materials and Environmental Chemistry
  • Stockholm University
  • 10691 Stockholm, Sweden
  • Email

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