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 Funded by the European Union



NanoMEGAS SPRL is a company leader in electron diffraction and electron crystallography solutions with TEM (transmission electron) microscopy. We provide our TEM customers solutions regarding TEM orientation imaging at the nanoscale (EBSD-TEM like) and crystal structure solution via automatic 3D diffraction tomography. Our SME company has intense research activity in the field on TEM electron microscopy and precession electron diffraction, being the pioneer of developing since 2004 equipments that allow structural characterization of nanomaterials with TEM as complementary tool to X-Ray Synchrotron radiation (we are listed as innovative company in the field in WIKIPEDIA under “precession electron diffraction”). NanoMEGAS has installed its instrumentation to more than 130 TEM electron micoscopes worldwide in more than 26 countries. Our role in the project is to analyse with TEM orientation imaging techniques (ASTAR device) and precession diffraction tomography novel nano-crystalline materials .

Key Research Facilities

NanoMEGAS has its own dedicated software and technical equipment installed in TEM user facilities (Univ of Barcelona, CNRS Grenoble)  where have access through special agreements.