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Università di Parma (UNIPR)

The University of Parma is one of the most ancient and quoted medium-large universities in Italy. Currently, it has over 25,000 students, around 900 professors and researchers and 900 technical and administrative staff. It is divided into 9 Departments, with 80 different course studies. The Research Unit involved in the present project is located in the Department of  Chemistry, Life Science and Environmental Sustainability of the University of Parma (SCVSA). SCVSA is one of the top Chemistry Departments in Italy, thanks to its high scientific productivity and ability to attract both public and industrial funds. As proof of its excellence, on January 9, 2018 it was selected by ANVUR as one of the top 11 Italian departments in chemistry, receiving a “Department of Excellence” grant of 9.3 M€ for the next 5 years.

Key Research Facilities

The UNIPR campus is the home of all scientific Departments of Parma University. The campus has modem facilities and is able to organize meetings and lectures of up to 350 participants. A Technology Park is present on campus far hosting spin-offs and high-tech start-ups. Young scientists are provided with large laboratory spaces and direct unlimited access to scientific journals and databank resources, as well as excellent sport facilities.