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RIGAKU is the foremost manufacturer of X-ray analysis, thermal analysis and non-destructive testing instruments. Since the company’s inception 70 years ago, we have continued to develop and grow alongside our customers, always mindful of our mission: to enhance humanity through scientific and technological development.

Rigaku will participate to the project through Rigaku Europe SE. Rigaku Europe SE is an office located in the Frankfurt am Main area with the primary goal to support clients in the EMEA region. The location serves as a base of sales, service, and application operations. The application team comprises the general XRD, XRF, and SCX demonstration laboratories with the flagship instruments. The main SCX laboratory tasks are providing Rigaku Oxford Diffraction equipment and software demonstrations, collecting data from challenging samples, developing new instrumental applications and tests, and performing internal and external training.

Thanks to the very versatile instrumentation, a variety of XRD applications can be demonstrated in the laboratory. The main focus is put on SMX (small molecule) and PX (macromolecule) crystallography with an almost complete spectrum of applications: quick atom connectivity determination, absolute structure determination, variable temperature studies, phase transition, twinning and incommensurate modulations, experimental macromolecule phasing, crystal quality checks for specific orientations, charge density studies and quantum crystallography. 

Instruments are also often used for other technics like high-pressure crystallography, crystalline sponge method, micro powder diffraction,  total scattering technics, or in-situ screenings. With the installation of XtaLAB Synergy-ED, the new generation of nanocrystal diffractometer, the laboratory is preparing to test and develop new application methods based on electron diffraction.

Key Research Facilities

State of the art single crystal and powder x-ray diffractometers and XRF instruments. New XtaLAB Synergy-ED electron diffractometer.


  • Rigaku Europe SE

  • Hugenottenallee 167
  • Neu-Isenburg
  • 6326, Germany